Richpeace Automatic CNC Sewing Machine


Max. 2500RPM

Application: Automobile seat pre-sewing, cushion overlap sewing, shoes and hat overlap sewing, garment and bedding overlock sewing, jeans and pant edges seam sewing.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  • Working speed: 2500rpm

  • Application: edge sewing/hemming, the sewing head is optional according to sewing purpose, such as single needle running stitch, double needle stitches, overlock, interlock, etc.

  • Presser foot height:≤ 16mm. Stitch length is 0-9mm.

  • 1.6 times horizontal hook.

  • 3-axis Servo motor and rotational tracking to accomplish perfect 360 degree sewing stitches.

  • Automatic thread breakage alarm.

  • Richpeace professional CAD Software, free to design any pattern, transfer by USB or WIFI.

  • Automatic move materials to working area and deliver material to collection station after sewing.