Richpeace Converter FES V4.0


System:Windows XP/7/8/10

Richpeace Convert System for transfer the different files, such as DXF, AAMA, ASTM, IBA,etc.Easy to learn and to use with intuitive surface.Make Richpeace garment software compatible with other brands.

Product Introduction

Richpeace Converter FES V4.0

Main Function

FES module provides conversion feature on general DXF, AAMA/ASTM format, then files can be stored in Richpeace proprietary format. GGT model file, TMP file, ZIP and IBA can also be opened with this FES module. It also allows the Richpeace format to be converted to DXF and AAMA /ASTM format as well.



Able to read AAMA/ASTM and DXF files for which are from any other system.
Able to read GGT and IBA original file directly.
Convert from GGT, IBA, AAMA/ASTM, DXF files and store into Richpeace format.