Flatbed Plotter


Richpeace Multiple Material Automatic Cutting Machine


It is used for printing and cutting kraft paper, cow card board, grey card board, non-woven fabric, knitted fabric, rubber material, felt fabric, corrugated paper, leather, gray board paper, etc.


Richpeace Flatbed Cutting Plotter(Richpeace Flatbed Inkjet Cutting Plotter)


Richpeace Flatbed Inkjet Cutting Plotter is suitable for garment,gloves, bags&luggage,shoes,toy etc. for making board, cutting, drawing line, drawing and text marking etc. and It instead of traditional manual development design and proofing.


Richpeace Computerized Template Cutting Machine(Automatic Sheet Milling)


1.Cutting PVC board, acrylic sheet, plastic plate and other hard materials; 2. performance and water cooling system more better and large cut; 3. Adsorption and pressure fixation to meet the small...


Richpeace Flatbed Pen Cutting Machine

Automatic paper feed system supports to draw and cut long pattern and marker. Independent roller device feeds in paper roll continuously without limit.


Richpeace Fully Automatic Pinhole Pattern Poking Machine


Custom-made of evening dress and wedding dress


Richpeace Lattice machine


Application: Shoes and bags,Clothing, Luggage etc