Richpeace Double Needle Universal Rotating Sewing Machine

RPAS-MH-R-1-1200X800-A-FD3+DW-HR2-LH100, RH-1P220


Suitable for automotive seat, airbag, interior, furniture, home textile, ship, aviation, etc.

Product Video

Product Introduction

  Double needle and double wire arbitrary rotation.

  Lifting the nose to ensure operation space.

  Maximum speed: 2000 needles / minute.

  Imported three synchronous head.

  Pattern of arbitrary design.

  1. Maximum speed: 2000 needles / minute.

  2. Imported three synchronous head.

  3. Double Needle and double Wire tracking at any Angle to Realize perfect stitching.

  4. LCD touch screen.

  5. Safety guardrail for operator safety.

  6. Pattern of arbitrary design, unrestricted.

  7. The operating space is ensured by the lifting of the head, and is suitable for sewing of a variety of clamping.

  8. Barcode recognition function can quickly retrieve the pattern and is easy to operate.

  9. Full servo motor is used to realize stable sewing, which is suitable for various sewing conditions.

  10. Using USB port, it is not only easy to input data, but also to save large data.

  Use of 2-times horizontal hook to realize perfect stitching; Adopt electromagnet cam for the thread trimming, high efficiency.

  The self-developed 15-inch LCD touch screen , clearly displayed and easy to operate.

  High-precision sensors for quick detection of wire breaks ,avoid wasting of materials.

  The template detects the bit function and accurately detects whether the emplate is placed in place.

  Panasonic lighting to ensure the brightness of the operating space, easy to operate.

  Use SICK safety light curtain for operator safety.