Richpeace Welcome Embroidery Software For Automatic Punching and Sewing Machine


System:Windows XP/7/8/10

Professional Software for Automatic Punching and Sewing Machine.

Product Introduction

Main Function

With all the features of the universal embroidery pattern design system, such as providing a wide range of stitch types, various input ways, digitizer input / image printing, letter embroidery, automatic patterns identification (modification) for other brand CAD systems , simulation display and so on.

As a professional supporting embroidery software for Automatic Punching and Sewing Machine.Able to make the pattern for leather punching, leather sewing, which can switch different specifications punching knife, sewing the line containing nine colors, dedicated sewing abrasive to meet the different shapes of the crevice, so making leather Hole and sewing a molding one time, to achieve the perfect effect.


For customers to save processing, to solve the difficulty about the integration of sewing and punching. Through the automatic punching and sewing machine and a dedicated punch embroidery CAD, from the original backward processing technology into a simple one time molding custom processing.

Suitable for automotive, aviation, garment, leather customization sports products.

New model design, dedicated punching tools, punching CAD software, sewing pressure foot and so on.

Haute Couture in the automotive, aviation, sports, garment, furniture and other industries leather processing.