Richpeace Embroidery Design Pro 2000 CAD V5.0


System:Windows XP/7/8/10

Richpeace Embroidery Design Pro 2000 CAD based on the regular manual method of sequin punching.Richpeace Design Pro 2000 has increased the auto sequin input function, which direcly improves the efficiency of punching, editing sequin tapes and designs, and ensures precision of sequin tapes and designs, as well the consistency of types of sequin stitches.

Product Introduction

Sequin Function

Manual sequin punching method: can complete and create any kinds of sequin stitches.
Auto sequin punching method: performs all kinds of sequin effects to the best, and makes the sequin punching with high efficiency, plus precision and accuracy. The designs made by auto sequin punching method are extremely easy to edit, revise and good for re-use.

Auto Sequin Stitches Mode: it is the thread enveloping, also called sequin stitch. Available choice of 3-stitch star, 2-stitch star, 2-stitch furling, 4-stitch furling and 3D stitch, etc.
Support Dual Sequins function: excellent dual sequins punching and design, DST file output, allow the front and rear devices to feed the sequins. Produce the dual sequins design with the system, and simulate the actual design outlook, high efficiency and easy to get the work done.

Rhinestone Function

This software integrated the creation, style design, digitizing and simulation work in a whole. To make the traditional digitizing and graphic editing together with the image processing technology as a combination work. Greatly enhanced the creation, editing, touch up and design work with this software.

Software with simple and easy to directly make the design. Directly communicate with Richpeace Rhinestone Embroidery Machine. Provided a total solution from the design and fabrication, it is the unique choice for any of the Rhinestone pattern designer.

Lettering Function

Richpeace Design Pro 2000 enables its user to freely create lettering, directly typing in the fonts and editing on the screen. Also allow the editing with the lettering dialog box. Able to create different lettering style and filled with various stitches effect.
Richpeace Design Pro 2000 can allow users to load the standard fonts or create user’s own defined font library. Adopting the font library provided with the program, can rename the library or the letters in it, modify the letter spacing of a letter or the parameters. It can modify or shape a letter with Pick Tool or Shape Tool and save it to the library. The original letter will be replaced with the modified one if they have used the same name.

Drawing System

Our powerful drawing system equipped with 5 types of curves, also with a round, oval, rounded corner rectangle, parallel lines, special graphics, lettering, and other vector picture tools; supports design creation, read / input / output various kinds of vector picture file formats, such as DXF, WMF, EMF, PLT and other editing functions of curve node edition, equal portions, mirror objects, move, rotate, re-shape, distort and copy, etc. that enables punching and drawing to work simultaneously for better efficiency.

Manage System

Richpeace Design Pro could check the simple pictures of the design documents and tape documents, show multiple images formats, zoom and enlarge arbitrarily images shown, show in the attributes page design editing information, support saving and exporting multiple designs and index printing, embroider show print, design document management (scheduling display, delete, classification, categorization, combined……), distance transmisson design.
It is conveniently used for different industries embroidery management needs: such as
Footwear Cap, Garment, Schiffli, and Lace-embroidery.

Multiple Various New Functions

A lot of drawing tools, can produce perfect vector graph and image design, input/output DXF, WMF, EMF and other graphic files.Auto-fill stitches to vector graphic, just click the mouse, the graphics will be automatically transaction, stitch / graph exchange and other series of modern lntelligent processing technology.

Our newly introduced layer, group object management mechanism strongly strengthens the software’s processing ability in editing and pattern designing.

Flexible library lettering function, able to create, load, modify user’s defined lettering library, and supports various types of input methods, and snap operations.

Provides selecting methods and view filters according to the object, the object type, the color, the layer, the needle position and many other filters, selected filter can be combined freely and flexibly, the union of many kinds of object and the stitches, will satisfy the users’ different requirements.

Enable user to do embroidery works like appliqué, laser, bordering, double sequins, tuft stitch, chenille, coiling, and rhinestone, etc.

General Features of Richpeace Design Pro 2000

Richpeace Design Software is a powerful and smart tool, Easy for study and use.
Support Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Windows 7.
Support various Machine date formats on many kinds of Machine models. Support Embroidery Format, Richpeace, Tajima, Tajima Double
Sequin (TBF ), Barudan, ZSK, Melco, WeiJa106, WeiJa 105C. Support Schiffli Format, Saurer, Comerio, Hiraoka, Zangs, Lasser, Korea
MICRO. Supports Quilting Format, Richpeace,Hashima, SuZhou, YuanChan, CHISHING.
Integated the traditional punching operator and modern digitizing tools, traditional digitizing. Operator and modern scanner.
Richpeace Design Software incorporated in its punching system, all functions that are user friendly in general.