Richpeace Automatic Filling Machine



Application: Specifically designed for high precision down jacket,highd pressure suction down,fiber and other fillings which will be filled to different amount down cut,achieving auto load,puff,precision metering,fill.etc.

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Product Introduction

  • Machine is controlled by PLC,ensure the stable filling at high speed,reduce  the waste of down,More accuracy and convenient.

  • Adopt advanced high accuracy and no touch weighting system,maximum single charge down accuracy is 0.01-0.05g

  • Use two sides 8 weight auto-circle system,the filling speed is 2 to 5 times than manual work.

  • During down filling process,according to setted weight of down,the actual weight increase or decrease automatically.

  • Vacuum filling is no damage to down,keep the original soft and fluffy of down.

  • Central dust removal system makes the environment of industry greatly improve.

  • Multi-function model for medium and small-size enterprises,suitable for 30-90% all kinds of eiderdown,granular cotton,pearl cotton.Adopt 6-8 weight auto-cricle system,the weighting range is0.1-0.3g,single maximum filling is 40g.For the breathable or coated fabric,machine has filling tube and auto exhaust function.