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Richpeace Multiple Material Automatic Cutting Machine


  • Multiple Material Automatic Cutting Machine: It is a kind of automatic cutting machine with 3 type blade, include round blade, vibration blade and level blade. Also has 2 printing ways, ink jet and pen printing. It applies to advanced customization, cut or print symbol on single layer or multiple layers material.

  • Servo motor achieves high precision, + 0.02mm. (The cutting precision will be different with different material.)

  • Maximum cutting speed:1m/s

  • Function device:Standard configuration: round blade+ink jet+pen

  • Selection And Purchase: vibration blade + level blade. when the machine is working,only ink jet or pen can work with a kind of blade.

  1. Ink jet + Round blade;

  2. Pen + Round blade;

  3. Ink jet + vibration blade/ level blade;

  4. Pen + vibration blade/ level blade;

  5. Single round blade function(No need plot, just cutting);

  6. Single vibration blade/ level blade function(No need plot, just cutting);


left to right is vibration blade, level blade, round blade.

  • Cutting blade device:

  1. Round blade: apply to cut one layer material which is soft and light, like non-woven fabric, woolen, knit fabric, woven fabric, denim, interfacing fabric, etc.

  2. Comparison: blade cutting is better for the environment than laser cutting.

  3. Vibration blade: apply to cut multi-layer material or one layer thicker material. The height should be less than 8mm after vacuum suction. For example, non-woven fabric, leather, felt, rubber, hard board for package, etc, not suitable for wire drawn material.
    Comparison: laser cutting machine can cut multiple layers material, but that would scorch the fabric edge. Rather, blade cutting does not have this problem.

  • Level blade: apply to paper, kraft, board, etc. Which thickness is less than 4mm. General paper is 3mm or 4mm. The precision is + 0.02mm.

  • Consumables:

  1. Cutting blade: one month to replace round blade, less than one month to replace vibration blade, 2 weeks to replace level blade. Specific circumstance should depend on material.

  2. Cutter size relatively small, no need grinding device, just replace when it is broken.

  3. There should be a film covered on the material when cutting multiple layers material or material like sponge, no need punched paper.

  4. Gas permeability conveyor belt with good cut resistance performance can last 1-2 years.

  • Feeding method
    Standard configuration: feeding material continuously.
    Optional configuration: automatic feeding stand which is suitable for heavy fabric roll.

  • Voltage: AC220V 1 phase /AC380V 3 phase

  • Material fix method: vacuum suction

  • Data port: USB

  • Data format: PLT/HPGL.

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