CAD Hardware


Richpeace Computerized Template Cutting Machine(Automatic Sheet Milling)


Application: Garment, Sofa, bags and luggage, shoes, caps, gloves, toy, automotive interior, etc template related work. Widely used in the cutting of PC board, PVC board, Insulating board , Acrylic board, thick Kraft paper and composite board, etc material


Richpeace Magic Fly Pen Plotter


Garment, gloves, bags ,shoes, home textile, etc


Richpeace Flatbed Pen Cutting Machine

Automatic paper feed system supports to draw and cut long pattern and marker. Independent roller device feeds in paper roll continuously without limit.


Richpeace Fully Automatic Pinhole Pattern Poking Machine


Custom-made of evening dress and wedding dress


Richpeace Lattice machine


Application: Shoes and bags,Clothing, Luggage etc


  In 1998, RICHPEACE Garment CAD sofware had been promoted both in China and other countries. But we met a serious problem, we didn’t have our own CAD hardware. Digitzer was purchased from the top three USA manufacturers, CALCOMP, SUMMAGRAGHIC, GTCO; Ploter was purchased from IOLINE, which caused big uncertain factors for the afer sales services and affected RICHPEACE’s service reputaton and quality. Therefore, from 2002,

  RICHPEACE entered Garment CAD hardware manufacturing field.

  In 2002, Digitzer.

  In 2003, Pen Ploter.

  In 2004, being the agent of Italian ALGOTEX Inkjet Ploter.

  In 2005, Flatbed Cutng Ploter (Pen).

  In 2006, Vertcal Cutng Ploter (Pen).

  In 2007, issue Single Cartridge Inkjet Ploter cooperatng with USA HP.

  In 2008, HP Double Cartridge / Four Cartridge Inkjet Ploter.

  In 2010, Inkjet Ploter with HP Big Cartridge.

  In 2012, Camera Inputng System.

  In 2013, Flatbed Cutng Ploter (Inkjet)

  In 2014, Vertcal Cutng Ploter (Inkjet).

  In 2015, Computerized Pinhole Patern Poking Machine.

  In 2015, Computerized Template Cutng Machine (Mechanical Cuter Head).

  In 2016, Large Size Ultrasonic Pastng Machine (with Camera-oriented Outline).