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Richpeace Computerized Template Cutting Machine

Making Template for Garment, Sofa, Cases, Shoes, Cap and Gloves etc.


  • First create automatic knife pressure function in the industry, no need setup when change the main board, protect table when cutting.

  • Automatically divide strong suction solves the adsorption problem of little pattern, reduces the waste of material.

  • First create Inner loop of cold water, automatic alarm device when the temperature over the limit, working for whole day---24 hours.

  • High Rotation speed head, achieve cut quickly, template of pattern
    is smooth, perfect convergence.

  • The operation and learning of garment template is easy, solve the
    sewing problems thoroughly.

Operating characteristics: USB fast transfer, cutting + pen drawing + drilling
Control system: servo control
Cutting method: multi-diameter cutter (replaceable), paper cutting blades
Standard milling cutter specifications:3.175 x 3.175 x 8 (shank diameter * blade blade diameter long)
 The drawing type:oily marker pen drawing
Cutting speed: ≤600 mm/s
Cutter rated speed:24000 (r/min)
Cutting material: PC board, PVC board, acrylic board, thick cattle paperboard, insulation board, and composite panels and other hard materials
Cutting thickness:  ≤10 mm: models: ER11 material: tungsten steel Accuracy : 0.01 mm
Machining accuracy:≤0.1 mm imported high-quality servo drive and motor: Panasonic (Panasonic)
Numerical control panel: liquid crystal display (LCD) + button control panel
Transmission port: USB interface
Fan operating voltage: AC 220 v ±10%
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
Relative humidity: 85% relative humidity is not more than no condensation (25 ℃)
The whole machine size: (L*W*H)2130 mm * 1735 mm * 1735 mm

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