Richpeace GMI III Laser Bridge System for Embroidery Machines



Embroidery,Wedding dresses,Garment,Shoes,Leaher,Jean Engraving,Textile fabric.etc

Product Video

Product Introduction

  • It can be installed at the above of embroidery machine without touch;    

  • One laser system can cover several embroidery machines;

  • Laser bridge can be expanded after installation;

  • No need any support at the center of each bridge;

  • Adopt imported 175w laser tube;

  • Laser head is driven by brushless motors which can move fast and stop accurately and effiently;

  • Laser head movement accuracy can be millionth;

  • Best spot quality, less burning,less smoke and less smell.

  • High cutting speed, high capacity, low cost to create more profit;

  • High quality and micro-perforating cutting result;

  • New special laser control system made by GMI to get high quality cutting result and create micro-perforating decorations;

  • High precision and clean cutting is the ideal choice for real leather.