Richpeace Beading Dress CAD V1.0


System:Windows XP/7/8/10

Richpeace Beading Dress Software is developed for professional wedding dress and bridal gown industry by Richpeace, mainly to solve the problem of various sizes of beads patterns, improve re-calculation efficiency, quicker cost estimation and less error. This Beading Dress system is excellent and simple to operate, easy to handle.It is an excellent way to improve work efficiency and products quality, it must be an essential tool for the beading dress industry.

Product Introduction

Main Features and Function

Richpeace Beading Dress System combines pattern design, graphical pattern grading, graphical design, graphical editing, Marker and cost estimation. Manual drawing design can be input to the system digitally, then outline the pattern and save to the Picture Library.

Graphical pattern grading, pattern resizing, graphical editing all those can be 

finished with one single key, avoid routine work repeatedly.

Fast and accurate calculation of beads and costing, give the best cost and production control for management.